Saturday, August 27, 2011

Qore 0.8.3

The next release of Qore is coming very soon; the major new feature for this release will be Windows support.

Qore is now capable of being built as a native DLL for Windows (XP and up) - finally without Cygwin (which made for a pretty slow binary actually). This was made possible through the MinGW cross compiling environment (

The main blocking point for this port (which has been requested many times over the years) was my lack of familiarity with Windows development tools (and my dislike of the Windows command line). This software allowed me to use Linux and OSX to make the Windows port. It turned out to be a lot easier than I expected; the MinGW pthreads library worked perfectly (I only needed to make minor changes as pthread_t is not a pointer); the socket code was fairly easy to update (the main thing I had to do there was update the code checking for errors and then getting the Windows error messages instead of using errno); and then I had to write new code for time zone handling to read zone information from the Windows registry instead of using the zoneinfo DB (as on UNIXes). Also the dlfcn library for Windows ( allowed for seamless loadable module handling with the same code as on UNIX.

The release is basically ready; I just want to port a few more modules to Windows before I make it public (so far I've got the xml, json, yaml, and uuid modules also working on Windows).

Other than a large number of bug fixes since 0.8.2 and a few minor improvements here and there, the only other feature of note is support for simple conditional parsing based on C/C++ preprocessor-type %define and %ifdef, %ifndef, etc directives.

Current (tentative) release notes: